We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. Hiring the RIGHT contractor for the job is the most important thing you can do. I counted 47 lawn sprinkler companies in the yellow pages of the local phone book the other day and there were only 2 of us that displayed the Better Business Bureau logo. This is a very important fact. In the state of Florida a consumer has absolutely no recourse against a contractor that does a bad job for him. You can complain to the city or county officials, and you can sue him small claims court. But really, you have absolutely no way to get the job fixed correctly, much less your money back. UNLESS THEY ARE A MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. In order to stay a member, you have to satisfy a complaint no matter the merit standard. So, there is a reason the other 45 companies are not members.  
Be sure and check out the contractor you are hiring and don't make a mistake with your hard earned money.
We get calls weekly from people who got a deal on a sprinkler system, or they had a friends son do it, or they called someone who had a sign out by the road,  but they have some "problems" with it and want me to look at it. We charge $50 to go out and do an asessment to tell them what they have. And, by and large, most of the time what they have is a large pile of junk. I can't wave a magic wand to rerout and resize underground pipes. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. In order to repair the system, lots of times we will have to install a new one right over the old one. So don't get burned, hire someone you can trust.

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